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Maintaining Tyres

Correct Tyre Inflation Crucial in Maintaining Tires

Considering that the tire is the vehicle’s only contact with the road, and therefore crucial to driver safety, it is amazing that so little attention is paid by the general public to proper tire maintenance.

Tire inflation pressures are no exception. In 2005 research carried out by the RAC Foundation found that as many as 7% of drivers checked their tire pressures only once a year, whilst roadside checks by the Tire Industry Council (now operating as Tire Safe have consistently found a high proportion of tires on the road to be incorrectly inflated.

When To Use Winter Tires For Your Pickup Truck

People who live in cold climates will generally be more used to the colder weather. If you are from a warm weather area, then it’s important you learn how to prep for driving in cold climates. Always make sure you check the car’s antifreeze levels. It’s also incredibly important you get the oil changed regularly and make sure that things like wiper blades and lights are working in pristine condition. Otherwise, you might have to deal with some unfortunate car problems while on the road.

Getting a good set of wheels is one of the most necessary things car owners should do while prepping for the Wintertime. Make sure you check the tire pressure as well as checking the tread. However, you need to understand that most wheels will not be sufficient for icy or snowy conditions. Be sure you get wheels that are specifically designed for the Wintertime. Keep in mind that wheels describing themselves as all-seasonal are meant for a wide variety of different climates, but are not great for pure cold climate conditions.

While driving in colder conditions, you need to get a set of wheels that will protect you while you’re on the road. If you don’t have wheels that can withstand the icy conditions on the roads you’re driving on, then you might get into an accident. Wheels that are made for the Wintertime are designed specifically for cold climates. They have outstanding grip, so they will be able to keep the car on the road. They will also keep snow from packing into the tread of the wheels.

It is definitely a good idea to get a set of four wheels for Wintertime driving. A lot of drivers will only get two wheels for their front or rear wheels. This can be effective as well, but for the safest driving procedure, it’s a good idea to install four wheels on the automobile. That way you can have the peace of mind that come with knowing all your wheels will help you out while driving in the snow.

Some drivers might want to look into purchasing a set of studded wheels as well. These particular wheels have metal studs in the tread. Basically studded wheels can help trucks gain necessary traction on ice. However, they do have a few drawbacks. The studs on the wheels are capable of damaging road surfaces. This means that some areas may ban them because they can do damage to roads. Other places only allow studded wheels during cold seasons and ban them during the rest of the year.

A lot of people also purchase tire chains to help them drive on the road. A positive of using tire chains is that they improve traction while driving on ice and snow, and can be taken off when you don’t need to use them anymore. However, the draw back is that you will have to take them off while driving on regular pavement because they will do a lot of damage to the road while you drive. Not only that, but it will damage the chains as well as your tires. Older chains are a lot harder to put on than newer chains, if you’re going to go this route, try to purchase some modern chains for your vehicle.

Every company sells its own special set of wheels designed specifically for the snow. Always make sure that you check out different companies and see what kinds of products they have to offer. The more companies you look at, the better prices you are going to get for your money. It’s important to try to get a special deal when purchasing wheels or else you may end up paying more money than you can afford. Try looking around at different products and see which kinds of wheels would be best for the car that you own.

Now that you know when to use winter tires for your pickup truck, it’s time to make a decision. You could either use chains or get some studded wheels. You may just choose not to get any protection at all. Whatever you do, make sure that you pick a safe option and try to drive slower in cold climates. Be safe!



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